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Since childhood Demetra never forgot the mean words that were said to her as a child, how that made her feel, and how others treated her. As a healthy way to displace that anger, she became involved in constant Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training and loved it. She eventually continued that training through joining the military. She also continued to develop those skills by becoming a local law enforcement professional.

Through contacts Demetra made in the law enforcement field, she realized that many of the women she came into contact with did not know how to mentally, emotionally, or physically defend themselves from men, bullies, or attackers. After careful research, she also realized the resources made available for women to learn these skills were out of reach in certain neighborhoods and were not financially feasible for the women who actually needed the training.  

June 2018 Foxy Defense and Protection, LLC was born! The title was uniquely chosen because women and foxes share a few of the same characteristics: 

- Quietly observe and move undetected

- Swift of action and thought

- Protector of their families

  - Always watching and paying attention

- Playful spirit

- Rely on instinct

- Great agility

- Represent feminine empowerment 

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