Girls, Ages 14 – 17

This two (2) hour course includes:

  • recognizing dangers and setting safe boundaries

  • developing self-confidence

  • substance abuse awareness

  • cyber safety tips

  • hands on defense for common situations

     Cubs will be awarded a Certification of Completion 

Investment: $40

**Non-profit organizations will receive a discount, but no courses are free of charge


Women, Age 17 & Up

This two (2) hour course includes:

  • power of body language

  • situational awareness

  • using your voice as a weapon

  • effective striking and body shots

  • escapes from grabs

  • choke hold releases

Investment: $50

***Discounts available for teachers and real estate agents

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Female high school seniors & college ladies

This two (2) hour course includes:

  • campus safety

  • effective communication skills

  • strategies to prevent sex assault and intimate partner violence

  • social media safety

  • date rape prevention​

  • step by step, hands on techniques for quickest and most effective tactics to protect yourself against an attacker 

Investment: $40


One-on-One, max 4 women

  • Receive one-on-one guidance at your pace

  • Develop an understanding of self defense

  • Identify your strengths 

  • Tactics are tailored to your specific needs

Each private session is one (1) hour with a minimum of 4 sessions (more available upon request) 

Investment: $525 (flat rate) for 4 sessions, up to 4 women



Senior men & women, Age 60 & Up

This two (2) hour course includes:

  • avoid becoming an easy target

  • learn to use your "weapons" (ex. cane)

  • more simple practices and techniques

Investment: $25

**Non-profit organizations will receive a discount, but no courses are free of charge 


Small women's group or organization
Minimum: 6 women    Maximum: 20 women

This three (3) hour course is equivalent to

Fight Like a Girl, but reserved for only one group of women. You can expect to:

  • Experience a unique bonding activity

  • Work together

  • Receive personalized attention

  • Leave feeling confident & empowered

Investment: $45 per person

**Non-profit organizations will receive a discount, but no courses are free of charge 



Women who have previously taken a Pup Session, Vixen Session, Skulk Session, or Fight Like a Girl course

This one (1) hour course includes:

  • Review of all techniques from previous classes

  • Scenario training

  • Sharpening of skills

  • Striking combinations 

  • Increased reaction time & speed

  • Repetition

Investment: $30


Simply put, being #PreparedNotScared means that you are not going to wait until you are attacked to learn defensive tactics. You are taking the initiative to prepare yourself in case an attack happens.

Self-defense is not the same as martial arts training, although many techniques were developed from different styles of martial arts. Many martial arts only facilities focus primarily on tournament style competitions that happen in controlled spaces, with a set of designated rules. A good self-defense course will also incorporate awareness tips and verbal skills, not just physical training that mirrors realistic scenarios. 

After completing a self-defense course, you are empowered to prevent violence by using skills such as de-escalation, assertiveness, and situational awareness. You also increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, knowing you are ready to defend yourself if needed. 

Although there are no guarantees in self-defense training, it's important to leave the course with a new set of eyes to identify different strategies that will increase your ability to escape quickly and safely. 

There is no better time than the present to begin learning a new set of skills that may potentially save your life or that of another.